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Have you ever felt lost, broken or discouraged? Have you ever leaned on someone to support you during a challenging circumstance to help you move forwards?

We all have people in our lives that we lean on, who play an important role as we find purpose and fulfilment. What about those who don’t?

SERJobs, like the other organizations here today, are here to offer support. We do so in a unique way, for people in unique circumstances – those who are under-served and under-resourced: opportunity youth, people from the re-entry community, our veterans, single parents, displaced people… but we don’t stop there. We serve anyone in need to support and opportunities.

Even if you don’t ‘check all of the boxes’, we will enable you find not just work, but the tools, resources and hope to move forwards.

We listen to people and support them, for thousands of hours each year through our coaching.

We teach and train hundreds of people in high growth, high demand industries to earn livable wages through the onsite training program we provide.

We connect our members with employer partners across the gulf coast to help them find meaningful, lasting work.

We empower individuals to be all that they can be, through the power of work. But we are about much more than jobs. We are about HOPE. It is at the HEART of what we do. When life has knocked you down repeatedly, you need grit. You need opportunities. You need confidence. And you need hope. In all that we do, we deliver this through our comprehensive and strength-based service model.

Hope without Action is meaningless. Our services are provided at no costs to those already struggling. Your support today will enable SERJobs to expand its reach of hope in the Galveston community and beyond. Together, we can transform the lives of hundreds of individuals and their families, their communities and our region as a whole.

Help us transform lives, for those who don’t have someone to lean on. Let them lean on us. With your support, we can help people write their next chapter – not just with grift, but with real training, real opportunities and a sense of hope that has been restored.

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Our History

SER – Jobs for Progress of the Texas Gulf Coast, Inc. (SERJobs) was founded in 1965 through the combined efforts of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the G.I. Forum, and the Department of the Navy. It began as a volunteer job bank for Hispanic Veterans and is now a nationwide network of 42 affiliates operating in over 200 offices.

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