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This hybrid training covers essential skills and competencies required for an individual to embark upon a sustainable career in the electrical field. The electrical industry is in higher demand now more than ever.

Course Details

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), demand for electricians will only grow in the future. The BLS estimates that electrician jobs will see a 20% increase % by 2022. With supervised training, additional education, and on the job experience an electrician will continue to be highly utilized because of their specialized knowledge and specific skill set.

The ideal Electrician Level 1 participant excels in problem-solving and critical thinking and desires to work with your hands. Electricians at this certification level inspect, repair, install and maintain electrical systems, machinery, and equipment while ensuring all work performed meets required safety codes and is properly inspected. The specialized curriculum allows graduates to secure a position as an Electrician Level 1 with a comfortable salary range between $40,000-$50,000 annually depending on experience and location.

Certifications/Credentials Earned:

Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn their industry-recognized, NCCER Electrician Level 1 Credential as well as their NCCER Core Construction certification (Curricula from the National Center of Construction Education and Research.)

You can also earn an OSHA 10 credential, which is a nationally accredited credential on construction safety widely accepted and required by Construction employers.

Training Schedule: 

This course is six (6) weeks long as follows:

  • Job Readiness Training: 1 week, M-F 9am-12pm, virtual/online
  • NCCER CORE Construction: 2 weeks, M-F 9am-4pm, hybrid class (some online, some in-person)
  • NCCER Electrical Level 1: 3 weeks, M-F 9am-4pm, hybrid class (some online, some in-person)

Skills Covered

The Electrician Level 1 curriculum covers:

Occupational overview of the electrical industry
Safety for electricians
Electrical circuits
Electrical theory
Basic Electrical Construction Documents
Residential Wiring

The National
Electrical Code
Device boxes
Hand bending
Wireways, raceways, and fittings
Conductors and cables
Electrical test equipment


In order to be successful in this class, members must:
Have a computer or tablet with microphone and camera access (to take the virtual element of the classes)
Have access to reliable internet connection
Have a valid ID and Social Security Card or birth certificate
Be legally authorized to work in the U.S.
Possess basic computer skills


All members will be screened for eligibility prior to taking the class. Eligibility criteria include:
Must be a resident of the City of Houston
Must be 18 or older
No sex offenses on criminal background check
Must be able to pass a drug test
Low-to-middle income (must show proof of income documentation)
Self-certification may be required for unemployed applicants

Training Dates

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