WHEN doing good is just good business

SERJobs is not a staffing agency! SERJobs is a nonprofit whose mission is to provide pathways to meaningful employment to everyone.

SERJobs is different because of its strength-based coaching model and our in-house training department – something very few workforce development agencies or nonprofits feature.

Everyone is looking for great talent but talent is not only about specific skills. Talent is about a mind-set: a willingness to belong, to learn, and stay focused on the task at hand.

Our organization focuses on “opportunity talent” – Texans whose first or second or third life path did not turn out as they expected. This talent is often overlooked because of what has happened in their past, but at SERJobs, opportunity works – for everyone.

Connect your business to a pipeline of PRE-qualified RECRUITs

All while giving back to the city you love and helping Texans in need start their road toward building generational wealth. Let’s make #HustleTown a place where opportunity works – for everyone.


The talent at SERJobs is cultivated through a series of steps and supports:

  • Strength-based Coaching: At the very beginning of their journey, each member receives their own personal career coach to accompany them through their training, employment search, and up to their first year on the job. SERJobs provides the employer and the employee with an additional layer of support.
  • Job Readiness Training (JRT): This is the SERJobs core curriculum, required for all members before they attend specific occupational training. For one week, members are taught the necessary skills for today’s workforce: communication, conflict resolution, professionalism and appropriate behavior, time management, group dynamics, how to set and manage expectations, listening, interviewing and resume skills.
  • Financial Education and Coaching: Jobs are important for the dignity they offer an individual and for the transformative effect well-managed finances can have on their life – and the life of those around them. This is why financial education is a part of the SERJobs strategy at multiple points along the journey. SERJobs offers members a chance to assess their credit scores, establish bank accounts and begin to understand how to build assets. This understanding creates a sense of responsibility at home and at the workplace.
  • Additional Support as employees begin employment: Coaches are not case-managers. They are not going to tell members what to do. Coaches empower, but they do not enable. Coaches are there for support, which is often needed as a member begins new employment. Check-ins occur roughly once a month, allowing for the member to receive perspective as they make choices and react to new environments.
  • Background and Drug Screening for most pathways: SERJobs recognizes that many employers perform their own background checks, drug screenings and physicals. However, SERJobs wants the employee and the employer to know up front if there is any situation that needs to be disclosed.
  • Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Training for Your Company at NO COST: SERJobs looks like Houston! When employers hire SERJobs’ members, they are hiring different backgrounds, perspectives and motivations that will offer any workplace an opportunity to be more responsive and inclusive.
  • Employer-Driven Occupational Training: SERJobs has the ability to customize training programs to suite specific employer demands because SERJobs not only contracts with community training providers, but also has curriculum designers, instructors and training facilities in-house.


SERJobs offers a variety of programming that can support your recruits in various ways, setting them up for success at your company but also, in the community! These wraparound services are focused on building economic opportunities for your employers and potential recruits.

Digital Literacy

Every job seeker who comes to SERJobs is assessed for eligibility and suitability. For those who have not had much recent experience with technology, digital literacy courses are available and recommended. This course ensures that members know the basics of computing, internet-based applications and Microsoft Office.

Financial Counseling

For those who want more than financial education or even financial coaching; SERJobs manages the Financial Empowerment Centers for the City of Houston. At these centers, counselors offer financial advice so that members are not only aware of their opportunities, they have a road map to get there.

Wage Reimbursement Programs

Finding the right employees is difficult. The “right fit” is a much about personality and suitability as it is knowledge of particular skills. At SERJobs, there are a number of ways we can minimize the risks associated with a new hire for the employer and a new job for the employee.

Paid Work Experience (PWE), olso known as Work-Based Learning

  • One to two month trial period
  • Employee is paid through SER without impacting the employer payroll
  • Available for any industry, pathway and employer partner


  • Must be an approved pathway, which SERJobs offers and maintains
  • The employer hires directly and trains on the job.
  • The employee immediately receives pay from the employer
  • Salary must “progress” as the employee’s skills progress
  • The employer must provide SERJobs with documentation regarding how they are trained on the job
  • SERJobs manages all administrative elements for the employer as SERJobs is a sponsoring registered apprenticeship program