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This is the opportunity to start a career in the communications industry.

You might be hired to join the MCA apprenticeship program to be paid as you get training on the job on a daily basis.

Industry wages start at $13/hr, leading to quick progression to $15/hr when completing the one-year apprenticeship.

Description Details

This training provides students with the entry-level technical knowledge needed to understand the field of Telecommunications and Networks and mobile technologies. The training is offered in partnership with MCA communications, an industry leader. MCA is the fastest growing technology Integrations Company in Texas and through it’s open door staffing policy, is always looking for strong leaders with a desire to advance. 

Train on-site with employers specializing in networking cabling infrastructure, audiovisual, wireless, and security solutions. This is a short pre-apprenticeship training leading to industry jobs and apprenticeship opportunities upon successful completion


This training is three weeks total as follows: 


1. Job Readiness Training JRT: Virtual training 

# weeks: One week- Mo-Fri (5 days) 

Time: 9am-12 noon (M, T, W, Fri) 

Time: 9 am- 4 pm  (Thursday)

Location: Virtual with SER Jobs 


2. Internet Communication Technologies training: In-person 

# weeks: Two weeks – Mo-Fri (total 10 days) 

Time: 8am-4pm 

Location: 487 W. 38th St Houston TX 77018


To have a computer, desktop, laptop or tablet with audio and camera, to take virtual classes. Wi-fi access
Have basic computer skills
To have authorization to work in USA.
Able to understand English is preferred
No sex offender records
Reliable transportation is preferred.
Able to lift 50 lb


Must be 18 or older
Must reside in the City of Houston
Low to moderate income. Must show proof of income
Must have a high school diploma or GED
Have a clean background
Be able to pass a drug test
Impacted by Harvey

Training Dates

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