Alma Silva-Perez

Alma Silva-Perez

Chief Innovation + Strategy Officer

Alma is an accomplished leader, and a passionate advocate for education, and social equity. With a successful career spanning over 15 years in early childhood to early college, Alma consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to serving as a change agent to improve the lives of individuals in underserved communities through innovative initiatives such as pioneering one of the first credit recovery for youth via remote learning, implementing literacy initiatives for English language learners, and launching a successful T-STEM program to address complex challenges.

Alma holds an Interdisciplinary Studies degree with a minor in Spanish and Mexican-American Studies and a master’s in Leadership.  In addition to her educational background, Alma holds a certificate in SHRM, and Executive Marketing. This extensive educational background and career experience have served as a solid platform for a career driven by the pursuit of knowledge, equity, improvement, and positive transformation. As a lifelong learner, Alma explores new ideas, concepts, and approaches to inform strategic data-driven decisions.

One of Alma’s most keen passions is addressing the food deserts and lack of accessible financial services in underserved communities. Alma believes that these challenges are the core of many of the social and economic disparities. Through innovative solutions such as financial and digital literacy along with various industry training and financial counseling services, people can overcome barriers and learn to advance, grow, and better serve their families.

Throughout Alma’s career, she has aimed to eliminate food deserts by offering food distribution opportunities, community food banks, support services, community health services, and financial services to empower individuals and families with fair access to fundamental essentials.

As the Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Alma is dedicated to facilitating a platform for a dynamic team. Alongside her dynamic team, Alma seeks opportunities to drive innovation and impact the transformation of individuals through team planning, collaboration, and forward-thinking.

Alma’s hobbies include home renovation, building, demolition, cooking, kayaking, hiking, and fishing. Alma is a proud mother of two boys and two fur babies. She is a military spouse married for 23 years.