“…after that I was only shining from there.”

Oct 15, 2019 | Stories, Success Stories

Dear SER Team,

I want to take the time out to thank you for giving me the opportunity of being a client. SER and your staff have made me feel at home are like a second home to me. The staff is so lovely and is extremely helpful. You could’ve just had met them, and they still will be in your corner finding a way to help you not because it’s their job but because they believe in you. I have so many people to thank, but I will get to that.

SERJobs was brought into my life because I wanted to do something for myself and focus on what made me happy, so I moved to Texas, and initially, I wanted to pursue sales. I interviewed with a sales rep and described the person I wanted to be to make people’s day better and ultimately help them save. I was told the person I described wasn’t a good fit and should pursue entry-level banking. I searched and found a posting on indeed for the BankWork$ program. At first, I thought it was a job until they clarified that it was a training class at the interview. I was nervous about getting in, but I said if I got in, I would put my all into it, do my very best, and not let anything get in my way. I didn’t have a home at the time, so I was staying with a family friend. After speaking with the instructors because they noticed I wasn’t wholly focused, they told me I should only have positive energy around me, so I moved to a cheap hotel nearby, and after that, I was only shining from there. I was determined to prove that I belonged here and that I wouldn’t let the training be a waste. From the first day to the end of class, I wanted to become the person I knew I could be with the proper training. I didn’t have a job, so my career coach helped me work through Workforce Solutions.

I started interning and attending training. When the program finished, I wanted to utilize the skills I mastered in BankWork$, so I decided to apply for the intern position at La Chamba. At the same time, I completed applications and interviewing and used my work setting to prepare me for the bank. I handled the transactions, so I was able to build rapport with my customers along with helping them save and recommend what product would be best for them. With all the different people coming through, SER La Chamba has done a great job preparing me. While interning, I recently was offered and accepted a position for Branch Ambassador for Capital One. I am incredibly excited but overall humble to get the opportunity to land a job at the place I had only dreamed of working at, but to see it come to a reality is fantastic.

I am grateful to have met such wonderful empowering people at SER. Thank Mr. Butler for taking me under his wing, becoming like a second dad to me, and using my talents to steer me in the right direction. Mr. Al Green for helping me in every way he could, along with helping me find the perfect interview suit. Ms. LaCherrion for giving me the resources to help me get an apartment. Ms. Marissa, my career coach, coached me the whole way and helped me become financially stable by working for Workforce Solutions. Ms. Wendy and Ms. Sheroo always have guests for me to network with. Ms. Alicia and Mr. Jonnie are the first people to welcome me. Mr. Jimmy for corresponding with Mr. Butler to ensure I’m being used to the best ability. Mr. Gerald for talking me out of walking out in the storm. Mr. Velez has faith in me and accepts me into the BankWork$ program. My classmates because they encouraged me to keep pushing and becoming like family. Finally, I would like to thank the staff for sharing my passion, memorizing their special orders, and the relationships I built with them while interning at La Chamba.

Sincerely the blossom,

DeMaria Palmer